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Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider Designs Jewelry

AWARD WINNING DESIGNER MARK SCHNEIDER specializes in contemporary designs. His jewelry creations are known for their simplicity and clean, fluid lines. Mark's philosophy of jewelry is to create designs as wearable art.


Mark is a third-generation jeweler, and his love for jewelry and colored stones began in grade school with a coveted gemstone collection. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Long Beach, where he studied art and jewelry design. While in college, he enjoyed working with clay and metal, transferring that love to jewelry design. He feels fortunate to have the opportunity and ability to create jewelry with the finest rare gemstones available.

His clients are individuals who not only recognize the value of jewelry, but also appreciate the desirability of collecting his work. Many of Mark’s clients are returning clients, who are often looking for the next custom art piece to add to their Mark Schneider collection. He is the jeweler’s jeweler, having designed many custom pieces for jewelers and their spouses.


Mark is intimately involved with every part of the process, from conception of his award winning pieces to the final touches that make his jewelry unique and distinguishable. It’s this commitment to quality that encourages museums and people from all over the country to contact Mark for custom design.

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